How To Do a Wedding Site Visit

At this point, you’ve probably done some research on Instagram and the internet to find the perfect venue. You’ve narrowed your selection down to the top four venues, and you’re ready to see the venues in person! Congratulations as that is the first and most daunting task of choosing a venue!

Once you schedule your visits, be prepared to ask questions-a lot of them!

Ask about services and amenities or fees that may not be obvious and make a note of them. Find out what the venue is willing and able to do, and if there will be an additional cost for their assistance. If the venue offers in house services, inquire further to understand the cost and quality of these services. If they’re a match for you, then great! It makes your job easier as it means less vendors to search for. Most venues have a preferred vendor list, which can be of great help to steer you to the right vendor. Most, if not all preferred vendors, have worked at that property before.

Once you have all these questions answered, take lots of pictures of the venue. Perhaps you love the entrance or the reception area- make note of the reasons why you fell in love with the venue! Compile your notes, photos, and deal breakers for each venue you visit. Once you have eliminated the venues that don't match your wedding requirements, secure the venue that does!

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Some helpful sites to explore before choosing the venue: