Should you include the groom’s sister in your bridal party?

If you’re torn about asking your sister-in-law to be a bridesmaid, you might want to consider some of the wedding etiquette to help you make your decision! In every instance, it is highly recommended that you ask the Groom’s sister to be in your wedding! Sure, you might want your bridesmaids to be some of your closest friends, but you are about to be family, and not asking her can result in feelings being hurt.

Your wedding is all about you and your fiancé starting a new life together. With that new life together comes accepting of the families. (Well, that’s the hope!) If you have a large wedding party and can’t afford to add one more person to the group, then consider having her do a reading during the ceremony or be a part of the preparation on the day of the wedding. The best thing to do is to communicate openly with your fiancé and his sister about your decision, especially if you get along with her. Sharing your thoughts and reasoning behind your decision might clear the way for any misunderstandings or suppressed feelings.

Do you have to include your new sister-in-law in your wedding? No. Should you? Yes, Bride in Bliss highly recommends it!